Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ezra Constantine Stands on his Own

August for the most part is a lull in the fashion calendar. It's for that reason we thought it would be the perfect time to unleash Ezra Constantine- to show he can stand on his own two feet without love interest (and not sister!) Greta Constantine parading before him and stealing his thunder.

The evening was set in a gorgeous upper Annex home with a freshly trimmed lawn and lush white pillows set atop wicker lounge chairs. While the presentation didn't feature Greta, given the luxury of the setting, it surely felt that her presence was there. Don't worry- she'll reclaim the spotlight in October....

"Designed for the no-nonsense man who yearns for a contemporary take on his staples, the Ezra Constantine Spring/Summer 2011 collection marks the third showing of the line's signature draped sportswear. Contrasting the masculine edge of the earthy tones and utilitarian oversized cargo pockets with the ease and elegance of drapery, the collection explores the tension between practicality and frivolity, want and need."

Accessories for men? The tattoo.

In Toronto's urban jungle, this is our version of camouflage.

Drapery, though traditionally reserved for womenswear, offers a new interpretation on menswear.

You can't have a spring/summer preview without showing a couple bathing suits!

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  1. ooh i want that black hoodie in the second pick so cool!!!!!