Wednesday, August 31, 2011

falling into colours & layers

It’s that time of the year where fall is just around the corner. Transitioning your wardrobe can be a tricky one, so here are some ways that can help you be prepared for the pre-fall season!


It may still be warm during the day, but the nights are getting a lot more breezy. So, adding layers to your outfit is a great way to modify your look. Keep your summer pieces and incorpoate it to fall.

Put on your skirt, wear a cute button-down shirt, and throw on a chic sweater!

Here’s one of our dresses from the Primer collection.
The POSEY dress is a great example for a summer to fall transition outfit. Make it your own, by adding your own cardigan or jacket, and style the scarf any way that suits you!


We love mixing prominent colours into our wardrobe. Savor the summer with bright/bold colours and balance it out with greys, blacks, or neutrals.

Even check out our fall/winter 2011 collection!
Whether the color is the garment itself or just a touch, have fun with wearing colour!

fabric, cameras, and salad, oh my!

Word! We hope you had an amazing summer (following our blog, of, course!). We loved the short dresses and sweet evening soirees summer had to offer, but are SO ready to layer on cozy jersey and fur pieces, to gallivant in the Fall leaves! Given that... DO we have some new clothes for YOU. Each season, our wears must be photographed for a look book so buyers can choose and see which Greta, Ezra, and, Primer Constantine pieces they want in their respective shopping destination. We recently shot the Greta Constantine Primer and Ezra Constantine look books at photographer Gabor Jurina's slick Toronto studio.

Welcome to our lensman (Mr. Gabor Jurina's) extraordinaire's studio!

Some major photographic instruments. After all... models and mannequins BOTH need a little help looking picture perfect. That is why photographers exist, mais non?

Swishy/lovely silky blue fabric. One of the most important tools of the trade - if there is no fabric, there is no clothing!

We've got the goods.

Fashion people do eat... Here salads are aplenty. Greek, Caesar, and Garden, oh my! After a day of shooting, eats are imperative!

She's got grace. This would be the most perfect dress for lounging poolside on a weekend getaway. Comfort and style in 1? That is a winning combination, my friends.

Do you love scarves or are cute little hats more up your alley? Like to wear tights, or are sleek bottoms your Fall must-have? What are some of your favourite Autumnal clothing pieces you love to layer and mix-and-match to create a fabulous ensemble? Let us know in the comments section below!

Xx greta c.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

greta constantine on the coveteur... it is true, it is true.

Being a Toronto-based company, we at Greta Constantine have a [wee] bit of Canadian pride. Not going to lie about that fact. Undoubtedly, One of our most favourite things about Toronto is the fashion website THE COVETEUR, created by Toronto natives Stephanie Mark and Erin Kleinberg, no less. We can take an educated guess that you have visited the site on numerous occasions to peep the wardrobes of some of fashion's finest, to gain some prime outfit inspiration ;)

Do these handsome faces look familiar? Thought so. These dapper fellows are Kirk and Stephen, snapped by none other than Mr. Gabor Jurina, from the 1980's! Crazy... I know!

A Greta Constantine girl does not leave the house without always being well belted. This piece from our collaboration with Danier is forward-thinking option, and pairs splendidly with the other outer layer pieces offered in the line.

A sumptuous purple suede coat hanging out with a sea of clothing patterns.

Also. A little birdie told me that Greta Constantine designer Kirk Pickersgill is being featured on THE COVETEUR as part of Holt Renfrew's You've Been Coveteur'd series and exhibition taking place at our aforementioned Canadian retail home. Definitely stay tuned for what I assure you is to be one of their greatest features, with an expertly created personal style!
Make sure you head to to read the entire feature!!!

Xx greta c.

Monday, August 22, 2011

primer is primal

We might not be the first people reporting on our own event, but IT IS HERE NOW!!! What event is this blog post about, you ask? The Greta Constantine PRIMER launch, of course! Fashion folk and friend alike joined us on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at the humble abode of Michael Cooper and Krystal Koo (a muse to Greta Constantine) in Toronto's swanky Annex area to party Greta's younger, hip sister PRIMER. Designers Stephen Wong (left) and Kirk Pickersgill (right) getting interviewed by a stunningly beautiful (it is bananas) Fashion Television host. Look for the boys, on a shiny silver screen near you!
Former Greta Constantine team member, and present Special Events Co-Ordinator for MAC Cosmetics, Paul Kellendonk (left), looking dapper as ever.
Thank you for whipping up salivation-inducing beverages, Stoli!
The Stoli Elit bar, looking slick.

These two are looking too cool for school.
Scott Schuman, anyone? This photograph looks like one he would snap, mais non?! These men seriously know how to fine tune fashion details. The jean suiting on the left is so unexpected, and well... radical. The polka dot shirt is SO ON TREND RIGHT NOW, and he totally gets bonus points for pairing his suit with sick sneaks.
Thanks for the H2O inducing hydration factor at the event, smartwater!
A model gracefully displaying a soft grey Greta Constantine PRIMER dress. She looks pristine.
Michael and Krystal's beautiful humble abode of my dreams. Yes, puh-lease!
How does that quote go, again? Oh yes... "If you build it they will come". Muhammad, Greta Constantine PRIMER and Special Orders designer (left) and Corinne, Greta Constantine Design Assistant(right) assembling the mannequin. Thanks for lending us the mannequins, Bonami!
Jen Foster, of Style For Style, making sure every inch of the event looks impeccable. It did... look impeccable, that is.

Ashleigh Dempster, and Amanda Blakely of The Society/Siren Communications. Ashley's dress is a personal favourite of mine. I love the pairing of navy and grey. And with the neon heels? Ashleigh is shining brightly! Amanda is rocking a coral number, apropos for an end-of-summer poolside cocktail affair.
Ruffles and bows. The blue fabric on the front mannequin is insane.
A circle of very well heeled friends.

Drama, drama, drama. But the good kind.
This dress looks so luxe. And comfortable. Win-win.

Three is a crowd. This one is super stylish. Pictured here are (from left to right) Flare magazine Associate Fashion News Editor, Mosha Lundstrom-Halbert, fashion stylist Corey Ng, and, Flare magazine Assistant Market Editor Erin O'Brien.
My guess is that someone took some inspiration from Anna Dello Russo ;) Brings to mind the quote: "I don't want to be cool, I want to be fashion".
Home owners and hostesses with the most Michael Cooper and Krystal Koo.
The battle of the chicest. I wonder who will win? Holt Renfrew's Natalie Lecomte, or hair superstylist Tony Pham?
Greta Constantine Designer Kirk Pickersgill with Natasha Koifman and Charles Khabouth.
Blogger has pants very similar to these, and the pants are so comfy! Great for a love-affair-with-your-bed kind of day if you are having a heck of a time getting to work in the morning, but not the best for production levels. Time for bed.
Susan Chong of SCPR, wearing Greta Constantine Primer. Susan looks so ready for a Saint Tropez getaway!
Look ma... no head!
Thank you to everyone who attended, that made this event a knockout success. Also. Thank you to everyone who wore Greta Constantine PRIMER on the evening of the launch. You all looked smashing in your individually styled garments and looks. What is your favourite look from this bash? Please let us know in the comments section below!
Xx greta c.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

quote of the day

Lights, camera, fashion!

This quote of the day is brought you by preparations for our Greta Constantine Primer Launch party that is taking place TONIGHT... So stay tuned for up-to-the-minute news (including videos and insider access) from the event!

Now, for the quote:

"This ain't no Mississippi hoedown" - Kirk to our In-House Stylist, Youlanda Jackson, explaining that we are keeping things minimal with the eats at the launch event.

Any crazy awesome lines to share with us? We want to hear! The comments section is below, folks.

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Xx greta c.

Monday, August 15, 2011

quote of the day

Hello friends of Greta Constantine!

How are you all?

Hope you had the most amazing weekend.
Here at Greta Constantine we are already busy in our Monday! We have some major events on the radar this week, with a glamourous shopping party/consumer launch for Greta Constantine Skin by Danier Leather at the label's Yorkdale Mall outpost (everyone come!!!) , and the launch party for Greta Constantine Primer on Thursday evening. Stay tuned, as we will have cute pictures and some up-to-the-minute news from both of these soirees, coming to this BLOG near you!

Now, for the Quote of The Day.
This is a conversation that took place between Greta Constantine designer Kirk, Communications and Logistics Manager Jesse, and House of Constantine blogger/Digital PR intern Jill about the whereabouts of a Greta Constantine intern. Jill was telling Jesse that said intern has his MBA (Master of Business Administration), and Kirk thought that Jill said "NBA" (as in National Basketball Association), and responded by saying that aforementioned intern does not play basketball.


Jill: " He is done his MBA ".
Kirk: " He does not play basketball ".

Any hilarious one liners to share with us? HOLLER! in the comments section below.

Xx greta c.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

natasha geddes's necessities

Everyone, meet Natasha Geddes. Natasha is the director of the showroom in Toronto that we use to sell Greta Constantine, Ezra Constantine, and Greta Constantine Primer... Aptly titled The Coveterie. Trust me. The second you see any item of luxe clothing under the Constantine umbrella, you will be coveting your face off. And wanting to pet said item of clothing. After Natasha's tenure as a Fashion Buyer in departments such as Designer Sportswear, Designer Womenswear, and Leather... all at Canadian fashion mecca Holt Renfrew, she used her knowledge of fashion, incredible drive, and, entrepreneurial spirit to open her own showroom in downtown Toronto. For the Greta Constantine Brand, Natasha oversees market appointments with Fashion Buyers in her showroom, making the magic of Greta Constantine arriving in Holt Renfrew not a whimsical fantasy, but a reality. Under here, take a look at Natasha's 10 top favourite items that are getting her through this crazy static heat.

1. Hair Fascinators by Oh Dina! because it adds an instant touch of femininity and fun to any outfit.
2. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF, it’s a must-have for glow-y, even skin.
3. My white jeans, they are from H&M and I’ve had them for years but I’ve worn them so many time this Summer for some reason.
4. Greta Constantine jersey dresses because they feel like heaven and look so good.
5. Escapat rosé (from the Langue D’Oc region) because it’s light, not sweet and the perfect treat on a hot day! And I swear, no morning after headache!
6. Cosabella lace soft bra. They go with everything!!!
7. Bobby pins. My bangs are at the annoying stage (while I figure out what to do with them) and I plant them everywhere for quick and easy access.
8. My collection of FREEWAY sunglasses because you can choose your frames and lenses, the combinations are endless and addictive!
9. My Tassimo coffee machine, a year-round favourite. It’s SO easy to use.
10. Zico Coconut water because it’s a miracle drink: keeps you hydrated, hangover helper, it is very yummy, and... my 1 year old son loves it too!

So, you know what you need to do. I do not have to tell you! Go out and treat yourself to some of these sweet, pretty, little, fashionable things. You deserve it for working so hard in this steamy, sticky heat! With these items, you will be on your way to looking hot, but feeling cool. What are some of your favourite items you use to keep your pretty self chilled in the summertime? Please let us know in the comments section!

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Xx greta c.