Wednesday, August 31, 2011

fabric, cameras, and salad, oh my!

Word! We hope you had an amazing summer (following our blog, of, course!). We loved the short dresses and sweet evening soirees summer had to offer, but are SO ready to layer on cozy jersey and fur pieces, to gallivant in the Fall leaves! Given that... DO we have some new clothes for YOU. Each season, our wears must be photographed for a look book so buyers can choose and see which Greta, Ezra, and, Primer Constantine pieces they want in their respective shopping destination. We recently shot the Greta Constantine Primer and Ezra Constantine look books at photographer Gabor Jurina's slick Toronto studio.

Welcome to our lensman (Mr. Gabor Jurina's) extraordinaire's studio!

Some major photographic instruments. After all... models and mannequins BOTH need a little help looking picture perfect. That is why photographers exist, mais non?

Swishy/lovely silky blue fabric. One of the most important tools of the trade - if there is no fabric, there is no clothing!

We've got the goods.

Fashion people do eat... Here salads are aplenty. Greek, Caesar, and Garden, oh my! After a day of shooting, eats are imperative!

She's got grace. This would be the most perfect dress for lounging poolside on a weekend getaway. Comfort and style in 1? That is a winning combination, my friends.

Do you love scarves or are cute little hats more up your alley? Like to wear tights, or are sleek bottoms your Fall must-have? What are some of your favourite Autumnal clothing pieces you love to layer and mix-and-match to create a fabulous ensemble? Let us know in the comments section below!

Xx greta c.

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