Monday, August 15, 2011

quote of the day

Hello friends of Greta Constantine!

How are you all?

Hope you had the most amazing weekend.
Here at Greta Constantine we are already busy in our Monday! We have some major events on the radar this week, with a glamourous shopping party/consumer launch for Greta Constantine Skin by Danier Leather at the label's Yorkdale Mall outpost (everyone come!!!) , and the launch party for Greta Constantine Primer on Thursday evening. Stay tuned, as we will have cute pictures and some up-to-the-minute news from both of these soirees, coming to this BLOG near you!

Now, for the Quote of The Day.
This is a conversation that took place between Greta Constantine designer Kirk, Communications and Logistics Manager Jesse, and House of Constantine blogger/Digital PR intern Jill about the whereabouts of a Greta Constantine intern. Jill was telling Jesse that said intern has his MBA (Master of Business Administration), and Kirk thought that Jill said "NBA" (as in National Basketball Association), and responded by saying that aforementioned intern does not play basketball.


Jill: " He is done his MBA ".
Kirk: " He does not play basketball ".

Any hilarious one liners to share with us? HOLLER! in the comments section below.

Xx greta c.

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