Thursday, December 20, 2012

Greta C. Holiday Series: Gift Giving Etiquette

We’re in full holiday season swing, but let’s face it; some of us are kings and queen of procrastination and love leaving gifting to the very last minute. So, whether or not you’ve purchased your gifts, here are five tips that’ll hopefully serve as inspiration or help you manage those difficult gift-giving scenarios:

  1. Gifts don’t have to break your wallet –everyone has their own opinion when it comes to gifting, but it’s important to be practical. If you can’t afford to buy your best friend that vintage Chanel handbag, then DON’T. As much joy it’d probably bring her, think about the sorrow you’ll feel when you look at your MasterCard statement. It really is the thought that counts, which brings me to my next point…
  2. Meaningful gifts earn you brownie points—the beauty of meaningful gifts is that it often costs you a fraction of the price of a commercialized gift, and it’ll likely bear you a genuine reaction of joy. Some ideas: mason jars filled with goodies—cookies (layer the ingredients), peppermint hot chocolate, the recipient’s favourite artist/musician/designer in book form. If you are really tight for cash, and you are creative or have a special skill, OFFER IT—lead a yoga demonstration, give a voucher for a homemade pizza lunch, or offer a sewing lesson. NB: Pinterest is a GREAT forum for inspiration.
  3. Don’t complain about regifting—it’s hard to know what’s going on behind closed doors, so it’s poor manners to complain about something you suspect is regifted. If it’s really burning you, simply say ‘thank you’ and bitch about it when you get home.  
  4. Thank your givers—a couple words go a long way and it is so important to show gratitude for your offerings. Especially when you don’t personally receive them, make sure you pick up the phone (GASP—yes, a phone call is much more personal than a mere text) and thank your giver. You never know how that person may be of help to you in the future.
  5. Ask for people’s wish list—the most stressful thing in the world is not knowing what to buy for someone and ultimately giving them a boring gift certificate. So, remove the pressure and simply ask for a wishlist of three to five items. This should give you a good idea of what they’re into and give you some flexibility in what you can find and afford to buy. 
So, there you have it! Five rules of etiquette and tips that will hopefully help you manage those festive frets. Do you have any other great gift giving pointers? We'd love to hear them!

Have a warm and safe holiday season, all!


Greta C. 

Monday, December 17, 2012


Upon entering the dimly lit, industrial chic sanctuary that is the Fermenting Cellar, we knew the evening was going be magical. The blend of new and old architecture was the perfect contrast for the ambience. The aesthetic picked up on a similar contrast that comes with our spring/summer collection, but let’s not digress…more on that later.

Let’s start with a quick rundown of the venue. With a multi-rowed catwalk, we strayed from tradition and gave our guests an up close and personal look at each of the models. The set up gave our guests a panoramic view of not just one model, but up to four looks simultaneously.

Photo credit: George Pimentel 

From the time our guests arrived, Stolichnaya Vodka and glacĂ©au smartwater made sure our guests were pampered in true Greta C. luxe. Stoli designed signature cocktails after Kirk and Stephen. The ‘Kirk’ was a refreshing wine and vodka blend; meanwhile the ‘Stephen’ was a sweet cobalt cocktail with a sprig of dil. Fabulous.

Photo credit: George Pimentel

Photo credit: George Pimentel

Enough about ambience though, let’s talk about the main event—the show. Our spring/summer collection surprised many as we deviated from fall's rainbow of colour and kept the collection in three hues: navy, black and white. The show started with our models rocking the runway in navy, black and finally crisp white. Each girl sported sleek, slicked back hair, finished with a futuristic, handcrafted headpiece.

Photo credit: George Pimentel

Speaking of accessories, if you take a close look at the girls’ manicures, you’ll notice talon-like nails courtesy of Toronto’s very own Tips Nail Bar. Custom-made nails for each of the girls furthered the "graceful yet brutal" feel Kirk and Stephen presented.

Photo credit: George Pimentel

The collection consisted of 34 eclectic lookseach possessed its own degree of femininity. Let’s not forget about the contrast that was mentioned earlier; our collection included a variety of silhouettes and contrasted levels of detailing—from ultra-sleek, fitted frocks to babydoll dresses, cutouts and pleats. A clash of contrasts bred a diverse range of looks—from sweetness, sultriness to downright ferocity.

After our spring/summer collection hit the catwalk, our guests got a second chance to catch a glimpse of our 5 BLACK COLLECTION.

Without further ado, we are thrilled to share with you our 34 looks for Greta C’s spring/summer:

(Photo credit: George Pimentel) 

There you have it! A taste of Greta C’s spring/summer 2013. What were your favourite looks of the night? We’d love to hear from you!

Until next time!


Greta C.