Monday, June 27, 2011


We are doing a webisode!

Now is your chance to get up close and personal with Greta Constantine designers Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill, and see how the threads of this business are woven together! Tweet us at @gretconstantine using hashtag #gctellall (sidenote: there will be no gossip found in this video) from now until Wednesday, July 6 , 2011 with your questions for Stephen and Kirk and you just never know… your fashionable queries might get chosen to be featured in our first own video interview… meaning you will get the answer to your question from the designers themselves!

Xx greta c.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Feel Like I'm Livin' A Teenage Dream

When people ask me what I do, my response of "intern" tends to elict references referencing "The Devil Wears Prada," or worse still, "The Hills." Trust me, Quentin is no Heidi, Jesse is no Emily, and Kirk nor Stephen are anything close to a Miranda --- I mean this all in a good way. A very good way!

Interning at a fashion company, especially one you believe in, is a clever way to break in to the industry. Indeed, this is the very path which many industry-insiders-in-the-making take. Spending time with a company allows you to network with people in different departments and learn about what they do to ensure that the company ticks. It takes time to find a career in this wee world we call fashion, but it is totally worth it to intern to find out what area of fashion you really want to specialize in.

Pictured: Quentin, a Greta Constantine intern, trying to find a the style of the dress at hand.

Here are some tips for definite interning success:

Do… scout out the sale racks. This is a great way to invest in swoon worthy designer clothes on a college student budget!

Do… be kind. It gets you places.

Do... work while you intern if you can. You can shop more if you do this ;) Teehee :) In the wise words of Editor In Chief Amy Astley "you're young, just do it". (Source:

Pictured: flat shiny red kicks. Two taps and I'll be transported to the land of fashion Oz.

Do NOT… wear heels at work. Your feet will look pretty but will inevitably throb. Wearing heels is impractical when you are running around the city or on your knees on a cutting table all day (you would not even be able to work on a cutting table in heels). Wearing heels to work and changing into flats is a wee bit silly because you will have to carry your heels in your caryall every day. Save your pumps for the dance floor!

Do NOT… be afraid to get down and dirty!

Do NOT be worried about your clothing being steamed if it does not have to be. Subway rides and transportation wreak havoc on your previous efforts.

The interning phase of your life is made bearable when you work with incredible people who are amazing at what they do, offer inspiration, and, who make you erupt with laughter several times a day.

Xx greta c.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lace, Wires, and a Trip to the 13th Floor

Kirk and Stephen joined Torontonian heavy hitters in the sectors of fashion, film, art, and media, at the annual Power Ball (the fundraiser has been around since 1999), in the fancy Harbour Front Centre, which raises dollars for the Power Plant, a public art gallery and organization that seeks to bring contemporary art to audiences near and far. This is a great way to help keep the art industry alive!

This sign served to mark the path for the evening's guests. No elevators necessary.

Either having experienced it first hand or simply by photographs, the laser-wire-lights acted to deceive the eyes in amazing ways. As did the vodka.

Kirk (right) and Stephen (left) in their signature attires (so what if the information in the brackets were deceptive -- It's all part of the theme!).

A rainbow bright wall illuminating silhouettes at the art party. It reminds me of the light peg toy I used to make whimsical shapes back when I was a kid.

Fashion flights of fancy. Pictured together are Anita Clark of website I Want I Got and PR maven April Wozny. Anita Clarke is clad in a Mark Fast body suit, looking stronger than superman, whereas April is looking both lovely and daring in a lacey body hugging ensemble … if only I could pull that ensemble off as well as April did!

*All images from Becca Lemire for

What could be better than fashionable friends joining together to benefit a good cause? Close to nothing in my book.

Stay tuned for the diary of a (Greta Constantine) intern.

Xx greta c.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Fashion folk and friend alike were out in fashionable form at the Audi dearlership in downtown Toronto’s East end on Friday, March 25, 2011, to view the latest offerings from Greta Constantine. The audience was in for a real treat, let me tell you! Were you unable to join us for this event? Fret not. Here, some of our favourite looks that sashayed down the runway!

Look 21: What a way to start the show! Mmm, so cozy. Is it too early to start yearning for Fall?

Look 2: Look at that bell-sleeved coat, also with bright blue piping. Piping is a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit if you prefer wearing more muted colours. Want a cinch in a pinch? Try our black leather fringe belt. Eggplant purple gaucho pants pair awesomely with our hand-adorned silk paisley booties (which will definitely make you salivate).

Look 3: So sleek, so posh… and oh look! A Greta Constantine made BAG!

Look 4: Strut your stuff, girl! Looking comfortable never looked more fabulous! Majorly crushing on the blue velvet pants.

Look 23: This is my favourite look from the entire collection. That coat just melts my heart like a popsicle would melt in the middle of July.

Look 21: That scarf is so Kirk. I love when designers put personal touches on their looks. That skirt is like sexy in a bottle! Those shoes continue to taunt me (in the most lovely way).

Look 22: Looking all wrapped up can be chic. Case in Point: Greta Constantine Fall/Winter Look 22. Those boots. Again. They will taunt me in my dreams (day and night).

24: This girl is ready to conquer the world fashionably in her powerful, floor grazing, black coat. I love this hair! The hair in the show was so French.

Whether you choose to wear full runway looks or mix and match these heavenly pieces, this is a collection of Greta Constantine clothing items you will not want to be caught without this fall! Beware: these gems will be the object of every staring passerby’s affection.

Xx greta c.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Crowns off to the Hosts!

Greta Constantine gowns, chic handbags in a rainbow of supple leathers, and the highest heels imaginable (or unimaginable for that matter!) were seen on Friday, June 10, 2011, where Toronto’s most fashionable ladies and gentlemen joined the Greta Constantine team to fete the launch of Crown, a downtown lounge on King Street West.

Snip it! You wouldn’t want to get too close to those big, bad, scissors... especially if Kirk is holding them ;)

Never got a chance to taste these wee sized bites of probable delight so I cannot testify to how tasty they were, but they sure looked scrumptious! Yummy!

I love the pink coat on the pretty lady in the middle. Would love to get my hands on that number! Her cream clutch with the gold buckle accent would make the perfect hands-on summer staple.

There is always a silver lining in life. A prime example? This glossy, comfortable lounge area for aching designer heel clad feet, sore from dancing the night away. Or alternately, given how high some of the heels were, from simply standing!

These cream peonies are beautiful -- they belong at my wedding. With my Greta Constantine gown. (I hope you're you reading this, Kirk and Stephen!).

What are you looking at, handsome fellows? Stephen, that teensy cupcake looks like it is just WAITING to be eaten!

Guests in attendance at this fanciful affair got to let loose, enjoy a heavy dose of fashion, and dance till they collapsed! Thank you for a fun, fashion filled evening, Stephen and Kirk. The evening, in sum, was fit for a king (or two!).

Xx greta c.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Danier Got Greta

Greta Constantine is coming to a DANIER store near you! In time for a mid-August in-store release date, the soft pieces, infused with the Greta DNA… the collection will be sure not to disappoint!

Madison Schill, of Ford Models in Toronto, acts as the muse of the Greta Constantine SKIN for Danier Collection. She looks breathtakingly stunning in this campaign image.I don't even have to ask you to know you want these coats on your body. Well… you can have them! Soon… too!

The hair. The face. The coat. I die.This fitted leather dress is slicker than water. Madison rocks it well, mais non?

Stay tuned for the collection to hit DANIER stores nationwide come late August. You will want to be first in line to pick up on of these avant-garde second layers. Trust me, they will be a wardrobe staple in the years to come. You will not want to miss out on this collaboration!

Xx greta c.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jersey and Safety Pins

This Primer skull tank is beautifully haunting.

Frances Coombe (FORD) wears the Annabelle, a brown velvet wrap coat from the Fall 2011 collection.
Greta Constantine Primer is the baby of our family – a contemporary, accessibly priced line of separates and dresses. Indeed it forms a quintessential component of the Greta Constantine lifestyle. While conjuring up the pieces, Stephen and Kirk sought to create the foundation of women’s dressing. These are the very pieces you can layer under Greta or Ezra Constantine outerwear, from the chocolate brown velvet wrapcoat from our fall collection to the fur shawl cocoon coat that closed the Fall/Winter 2011 show.

Three looks in one: cowl top, belted dress, and long held dreams of being a Grecian goddess fulfilled.

This piece in the Greta Constantine Primer collection is a personal favourite of mine. I just can’t help but love the gathered neckline, and ribbon tie closure. This item would great with any other item in the Greta Constantine Primer collection (not to mention, in my closet, as well!).

Sugar plum perfection.

Simple drapey loveliness.

I dream of this lovely slouchy tee paired with the F/W 2011 brocade embroidered booties from our collaboration with ALDO. Talk about a pocket-full of whimsy!

Like a woman often starts her makeup routine by applying foundation to her face, or as a painter applies primer to a wall, these reimagined basics from our capsule collection are the perfect way to start building your outfit come dusk or dawn.

Xx greta c.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cupcakes and Bowties

I would love to receive these sweet coloured, bright bites of delight right about now. No need to fertilize these cakes, sweet cheeks!

Little bows, big sea. This crazy bow-tie covered pillow brings to mind a picture of one, bow-tie wearing industry legend.

The future is looking rainbow bright for this mini fashionista (seen walking in Yorkville at 11 am on a sunny Saturday morning). Crushing on here wee Pink Converse sneaks.

Monday just got a sprinkle more cheerful!

Xo greta c.