Friday, June 24, 2011

Feel Like I'm Livin' A Teenage Dream

When people ask me what I do, my response of "intern" tends to elict references referencing "The Devil Wears Prada," or worse still, "The Hills." Trust me, Quentin is no Heidi, Jesse is no Emily, and Kirk nor Stephen are anything close to a Miranda --- I mean this all in a good way. A very good way!

Interning at a fashion company, especially one you believe in, is a clever way to break in to the industry. Indeed, this is the very path which many industry-insiders-in-the-making take. Spending time with a company allows you to network with people in different departments and learn about what they do to ensure that the company ticks. It takes time to find a career in this wee world we call fashion, but it is totally worth it to intern to find out what area of fashion you really want to specialize in.

Pictured: Quentin, a Greta Constantine intern, trying to find a the style of the dress at hand.

Here are some tips for definite interning success:

Do… scout out the sale racks. This is a great way to invest in swoon worthy designer clothes on a college student budget!

Do… be kind. It gets you places.

Do... work while you intern if you can. You can shop more if you do this ;) Teehee :) In the wise words of Editor In Chief Amy Astley "you're young, just do it". (Source:

Pictured: flat shiny red kicks. Two taps and I'll be transported to the land of fashion Oz.

Do NOT… wear heels at work. Your feet will look pretty but will inevitably throb. Wearing heels is impractical when you are running around the city or on your knees on a cutting table all day (you would not even be able to work on a cutting table in heels). Wearing heels to work and changing into flats is a wee bit silly because you will have to carry your heels in your caryall every day. Save your pumps for the dance floor!

Do NOT… be afraid to get down and dirty!

Do NOT be worried about your clothing being steamed if it does not have to be. Subway rides and transportation wreak havoc on your previous efforts.

The interning phase of your life is made bearable when you work with incredible people who are amazing at what they do, offer inspiration, and, who make you erupt with laughter several times a day.

Xx greta c.

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  1. Do you guys have any tips for being the best intern you can be?