Monday, June 13, 2011

Crowns off to the Hosts!

Greta Constantine gowns, chic handbags in a rainbow of supple leathers, and the highest heels imaginable (or unimaginable for that matter!) were seen on Friday, June 10, 2011, where Toronto’s most fashionable ladies and gentlemen joined the Greta Constantine team to fete the launch of Crown, a downtown lounge on King Street West.

Snip it! You wouldn’t want to get too close to those big, bad, scissors... especially if Kirk is holding them ;)

Never got a chance to taste these wee sized bites of probable delight so I cannot testify to how tasty they were, but they sure looked scrumptious! Yummy!

I love the pink coat on the pretty lady in the middle. Would love to get my hands on that number! Her cream clutch with the gold buckle accent would make the perfect hands-on summer staple.

There is always a silver lining in life. A prime example? This glossy, comfortable lounge area for aching designer heel clad feet, sore from dancing the night away. Or alternately, given how high some of the heels were, from simply standing!

These cream peonies are beautiful -- they belong at my wedding. With my Greta Constantine gown. (I hope you're you reading this, Kirk and Stephen!).

What are you looking at, handsome fellows? Stephen, that teensy cupcake looks like it is just WAITING to be eaten!

Guests in attendance at this fanciful affair got to let loose, enjoy a heavy dose of fashion, and dance till they collapsed! Thank you for a fun, fashion filled evening, Stephen and Kirk. The evening, in sum, was fit for a king (or two!).

Xx greta c.

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  1. Thanks Stephen and Kirk for being the perfect hosts for our launch. We could not have made such a splash without you!! Can't wait for the next one....

    Alan Morris
    Crown Lounge