Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lace, Wires, and a Trip to the 13th Floor

Kirk and Stephen joined Torontonian heavy hitters in the sectors of fashion, film, art, and media, at the annual Power Ball (the fundraiser has been around since 1999), in the fancy Harbour Front Centre, which raises dollars for the Power Plant, a public art gallery and organization that seeks to bring contemporary art to audiences near and far. This is a great way to help keep the art industry alive!

This sign served to mark the path for the evening's guests. No elevators necessary.

Either having experienced it first hand or simply by photographs, the laser-wire-lights acted to deceive the eyes in amazing ways. As did the vodka.

Kirk (right) and Stephen (left) in their signature attires (so what if the information in the brackets were deceptive -- It's all part of the theme!).

A rainbow bright wall illuminating silhouettes at the art party. It reminds me of the light peg toy I used to make whimsical shapes back when I was a kid.

Fashion flights of fancy. Pictured together are Anita Clark of website I Want I Got and PR maven April Wozny. Anita Clarke is clad in a Mark Fast body suit, looking stronger than superman, whereas April is looking both lovely and daring in a lacey body hugging ensemble … if only I could pull that ensemble off as well as April did!

*All images from Becca Lemire for shedoesthecity.com.

What could be better than fashionable friends joining together to benefit a good cause? Close to nothing in my book.

Stay tuned for the diary of a (Greta Constantine) intern.

Xx greta c.

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