Monday, June 20, 2011


Fashion folk and friend alike were out in fashionable form at the Audi dearlership in downtown Toronto’s East end on Friday, March 25, 2011, to view the latest offerings from Greta Constantine. The audience was in for a real treat, let me tell you! Were you unable to join us for this event? Fret not. Here, some of our favourite looks that sashayed down the runway!

Look 21: What a way to start the show! Mmm, so cozy. Is it too early to start yearning for Fall?

Look 2: Look at that bell-sleeved coat, also with bright blue piping. Piping is a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit if you prefer wearing more muted colours. Want a cinch in a pinch? Try our black leather fringe belt. Eggplant purple gaucho pants pair awesomely with our hand-adorned silk paisley booties (which will definitely make you salivate).

Look 3: So sleek, so posh… and oh look! A Greta Constantine made BAG!

Look 4: Strut your stuff, girl! Looking comfortable never looked more fabulous! Majorly crushing on the blue velvet pants.

Look 23: This is my favourite look from the entire collection. That coat just melts my heart like a popsicle would melt in the middle of July.

Look 21: That scarf is so Kirk. I love when designers put personal touches on their looks. That skirt is like sexy in a bottle! Those shoes continue to taunt me (in the most lovely way).

Look 22: Looking all wrapped up can be chic. Case in Point: Greta Constantine Fall/Winter Look 22. Those boots. Again. They will taunt me in my dreams (day and night).

24: This girl is ready to conquer the world fashionably in her powerful, floor grazing, black coat. I love this hair! The hair in the show was so French.

Whether you choose to wear full runway looks or mix and match these heavenly pieces, this is a collection of Greta Constantine clothing items you will not want to be caught without this fall! Beware: these gems will be the object of every staring passerby’s affection.

Xx greta c.

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  1. Love the coat Frances is wearing. It is my favourite. And those shoes. I NEED them. SWOON.