Thursday, June 2, 2011

IMG, not OMG!

The other night, IMG (fashion model powerhouse), the Fashion Design Council of Canada, and Mercedes-Benz (fashion world partner in crime), joined together in announcing a partnership set to bring leadership and mentorship to young Canadian designers that have been in business for five years or less. This is exciting for the Canadian fashion landscape because this partnership will serve to nurture young talent, in effect developing stronger Canadian fashion designers, and ultimately bringing more business and industry to our country’s fashion scene.

This gentleman is on the stairway to fashion. Love the black. You are looking slick, buddy, looking slick.

Prints charming or Funny Face? You decide. This is how you mix patterns, people! Perfect summer/backyard/barbecue/patio party outfit!

That Missoni-esque patterned maxi dress would be the perfect summer staple. I have to go shopping? Now? Super whimsy print, non?

Poppy, perfect watch. Would be a great summer bright item to add a splash of fun to any outfit!

She wanted them and she got them! Anita Clarke, writer of Fashion blog I Want I Got wearing Baroque-style sunnies, from the Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Funky!

Everything in fashion has to be partied.

Xx greta c.


  1. Ginormous sunnies with Eiffel dangling from the ear. Love, Anita. She rocketh!

  2. I love Anita's shades! So unique and stylish! What do you guys think?!