Friday, July 29, 2011

diego digs...

Friends, meet Diego. Mr. Diego Armand has been one to watch in the stylish downtown-Toronto crowd for years. This disk jockey-cum-fashion-stylist-cum-magazine Editor (of Perfecto magazine, no less) is definitely one you should be following if you are not already. Diego is Greta Constantine's #1 choice for whenever we need a fashionable dude to jam at our many events. Diego whips up some of the best mixes of musical tunes of any hip person we know. Diego has DJ'd for Greta and Ezra Constantine runway shows, clothing presentations, and launches, all with some seriously stylish flare. How is that for not missing a beat?!

1. Nike Free Run Trainers. Walk, jog, dance, and great for set wear.

2. Levi's Denim Shirt. Perfect for movie theatres, or on the plane.

3. Iced Americano from The MASCOT (1267 Queen Street West) affordable, tasty, and, down the street from my apartment.

4. Beyonce "4" Album. Perfect soundtrack for travel time... and the beach.

5. Dieppa Restrepo oxfords/loafers from (Chasse Gardee at 1084 Queen Street West): Perfect shoe for work or play. I swear by them!

6. Thick Knit Tee from TOPMAN. Sweater tees are the new Spring/Summer dress shirts.

7. Super Ciccio Francis Sunglasses.

8. Raf Simons For EastPak Knapsack. A hand-me-down from a special friend. Best bag ever.

9. Tommy Hilfiger Salmon Pink Shorts. Coloured shorts = SUMMERTIME!

10. American Apparel Striped Tank Top... when it's too hot for sleeves.

What super chic summertime commodities can you not breathe without? Please let us know in the comments section below! And if you are not a fan of us borrowing your image in the above picture, do not hesitate to let us know!

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Xx greta c.

Also. Facebook and tweet us.

Xx greta c.

Gabor Goes Crazy For...

House of Constantine friends, meet Gabor Jurina. He is a Toronto-based (GO!, Canada) photographic genious who specializes in fashion photography. And let me tell you... Gabor is INCREDIBLE at what he does. The images he captures are so stunning... it is bananas. Mr. Jurina is our very first choice whenever we need anything lensed. Stephen and Kirk have known Gabor as a photographer and a great friend for many years, and he has shot everything from Greta Constantine runway shows to editorials to advertising campaigns! Below, find the tasteful objects that he cannot do without in these toasty, relaxing, sunny, summer days.

1. Grey high tops, especially with shorts.

2. American Apparel Deep V tee shirt in white, navy, and light blue. They go from A.M. to P.M. ... Perfect with shorts or under a light blazer.

3. Leather flip-flops.

4. Several pairs of Save Khaki Cotton Twill shorts. The cut is tailored, and the length is perfect -above the knee, comfortable... but not sloppy.

5. Driving with the top DOWN!

6. Bombay Saphire and Tonic.

7. Kiehl's Foaming Non-Detergent Washable Cleanser, to keep my face feeling fresh.

8. Oliver People's Tycoon Tortoise Sunglasses, because I like to pretend I am an Italian Industrialist like Gianni Agnelli, even if I am just cruising to the gym.

9. Beach reading: "Have A Little Faith" by author Mitch Albom, and my dog-eared copy of "Franny and Zooey".

10. On my iPod: "Lasers" by Lupe Fiasco, a Single Man soundtrack, and Duffy.

What are your most favourite things you cannot go without in these final sunshiny-bright, summer days? Please let us know in the comments section below! Also. We do not own any of the images in the picture above. Thank you for our usage of them. If we cannot kindly borrow your images, just let us know, friends!

Xx greta c.

What A (PR) Girl Needs

Ashley MacIntyre is the darling owner of MacIntyre Communications, a Toronto-based Public Relations firm that handles accounts in both fashion and music. And she has the best hair of probably anyone I know. Spill your secrets, girl! I beg you. MacIntyre manages all of our events (fashion shows and launches, anyone?), and makes them run smoother than a baby's bottom. Thank you, doll! Find here: all of the items Ms. MacIntyre cannot do without in this hot, hot, heat.

1. For shoes - anything high and nude!
2. My bright yellow O'Clock watch because cute boys always ask me where I bought it.
3. Ray Ban Sunglasses - a MUST have!
4. Bright coloured jeans and tank top (colour blocking!).
5. My Essie "Mint Candy Apple" nail polish because it is "my colour" this summer.
6. Kiehl's Acai Damage-Protecting Toning Mist
7. Long maxi dresses.
8. My BlackBerry (also known as - my boyfriend!).
9. Grande Iced Coffee with Lactose Free Milk, and Sugar Free Vanilla.
10. Chanel's AQUALUMIERE lipstick - I cannot leave the house without it!

Take a peep and put in to practice Ashley's fashionably curated top summer picks. Guaranteed you will be a part of the trend-setting fashion pack... if you take a hint from her most coveted summertime essentials. Let us know what your top items to get you through this season in style are, in the comments section below!
End note: if you see your image borrowed on the above graphic and that is not cool with you, please do not hesitate to let us know!

Xx greta c.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Webisode #1 - Kirk and Stephen

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all having an INCREDIBLE summer. Things at the studio are busy as ever as we are in Fall line production and prepare our Spring Collection which will be shown in a runway presentation soon. We will definitely keep you guys in the loop as it is all happening! Make sure to check our "Staff Summer Essentials" posts for tips to brave this sweltering season in killer style in the mean time!

We are SO thrilled to debut our very first video in Greta Constantine's very own webisode series! Our first video features Greta Constantine designers Stephen Wong (left) and Kirk Pickersgill (right) in conversation about their experience at the ALEXANDER McQUEEN: SAVAGE BEAUTY exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and their admired and most revered fashion designers of all time!

We hope you enjoy this video! Please comment, and, stay tuned for more webisodes to hear from some of our most involved contributors!

Xx greta c.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Corinne's Picks

Meet Corinne. She is among our most lovely and talented design assistants here at Greta Constantine. Corinne assists designers Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill in their design process, helping the boys cut and draft a multitude of clothing patterns, as well as sewing special dresses, like a hand-sewn, hand-dyed silk-jersey wedding dress. Corinne has an alluring sense of style, something that is most definitely noted in her top summer picks seen above. Take a peep, and indulge in these pretty little things to be able to put your most stylish foot forward this summer!

1. Sunglasses - even if you're too hot, at least you can still look cool!

2. Fresh's Sugar perfume - a refreshing citrus scent for those hot and sticky days

3. Maxi dresses/skirts - like the jumpsuit, breezy maxis are a little bit retro, feel effortlessly dressed up, and are ultra-versatile

4. Coral lipstick - brightens up my day!

5. My iPod because I cannot go anywhere without my tunes!

6. Mango bubble tea - mmm, mango is my favourite fruit.

7. Jumpsuits/rompers - they're really comfy, easy to dress up or down, and you INSTANTLY look put-together!

8. Strappy wedges - a comfortable way to bend the "no-heels" rule.

9. Sunscreen because looking like a GIANT red lobster is never cute.

10. Gold accessories - they make any outfit feel more polished. I also seem to have an unintentional feather fetish lately...

We can all take a lesson from Ms. Long's summer season must-haves. Rest assured, we will not have to suffer through this seemingly global heat wave... In fact, her summer loves will have you looking so glam. We can work and play in style until these dog days are over. What are your top summer picks? Let us know in the comment box below, kids. Also. tweet at us and Facebook "Friend" us.

Xx greta c.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jill's Summertime Essentials

This summer has been a toasty one. It feels like you are a loaf of bread baking in a 450 degree oven. Nonetheless, it has been hot. So much so that I have certainly curated a few items that I need to get me through this season with some style. Not included: countless jars of organic lemonade, iced cream cones, and, a large box fan to make this heat survivable.

1. a vibrant umbrella to make those torrential downpours bearable.

2. when you are a digitally based intern, an great computer is a must.

3. Naked Juice's Green Machine Smoothie (available at Starbucks locations is an awesome healthy snack and quick energy booster. Nothing could be better for a mid-afternoon pick me up!

4. A sundress is awesome because you can just throw it on and look instantly pulled together! The above number is sweet, and could not be better for that aforementioned college student budget.

5. Starbucks Chai Lattes - the best form of yawn repelling I have yet to come up with.

6.Keds are a must have pair of shoes for busy fashion interns: comfortable, colourful, and classic. Super for running errands... and if you are a design intern, great for being atop a cutting table!

7. Smart water (which is also a Greta Constantine corporate sponsor) to quench my thirst on these hot-as-an-oven summer days.

8. A cross-body purse to remain hands free. This one is so many different kinds of perfect.

9. French macarons for when I am craving a little sweet treat. These stylishly satisfy my sweet-tooth!

10. Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation is a new staple summer cosmetic essential of mine because: it is breathable (and feels oh-so luxe!) face makeup that will actually not melt off your face before you have arrived at work.

What are some things you cannot live without in this hot, hot summer heat?
Please let us know in the comments section below.
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Xx greta c.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Stephen's Summer Must Haves!

Keeping cool when it's sweltering, takes much more than simply staying hydrated! This week, Stephen Wong, co-designer of Greta Constantine and Ezra Constantine, lets us in on his heat-repelling picks:

1. Comfy (but stylish) kicks for those long walks enjoying the weather.
2. A hot date to experience it with.
3. Tank tops, but not your typical garden variety.
4. A camera to capture all the fun.
5. A good, non-greasy, quick absorbing, moisturizer with a minimum SPF of 15... like Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment for Men.
6. Swimwear for lying in the sun.
7. A bike.
8. Killer shades.
9. BlackBerry for when you want to round up your friends on a patio.
10. Assortment of fresh fruit... perfect for those hot days when you do not feel like a heavy meal.

What things help you beat the heat this season?

Xx greta c.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Greta Through The Times

Greta Constantine has been worn by women (and men, but today the spotlight is on our lady friends) of all ages at different times in their lives. Whether these women wear Greta Constantine to a work-related cocktail party, a movie premier, or on their wedding day, they SERIOUSLY rock our draped pieces. The women that wear (and simultaneously rock) Greta Constantine runway looks are confident and totally stylish. A most beautiful navy colour (and one of greta c.'s favourites) is a recurring theme in this post, as are pretty ladies. Enjoy!
Canada's own FashionTelevision powerhouse Jeanne Beker sporting our Fall/Winter 2010 black and navy shiny sequinned one shoulder Grecian column. Whoa. Rock those gams, girl! Angelic faced, pretty-young-thing, Canadian actress, Allie MacDonald totally glam in Greta Constantine Fall/Winter 2010 at the Toronto International Film Film Festival. Black + navy = possibly the best colour combination? Ever?

Are you noticing a theme in this post? The theme is black and navy all over! (Unintentional... I swear). Seen here on actress/singer/Weight Watchers spokesmodel/American idol runner-up Jennifer Hudson on the cover of Fashion magazine's October 2010 issue. Looking glam, lady!
This colour combination of the above draped Greta Constantine dresses makes me long for a sun filled, turquoise sea vacation. Saint Barth's, anyone? Pictured are Alexandra Weston (left) and Suzanne Cohon (right) co-principals of ASC PR.

What is your favourite way to style your Greta Constantine pieces? What are your favourite colours you absolutely love wearing our clothes in?
All our love.

Xx greta c.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quentin Cannot Live without...

We at Greta Constantine adore the summertime. What do we like about it so much, you ask? Well, iced cream cones for one thing. Sandals, sun hats, and patio parties are added bonuses. With this blazing Torontonian heat, there are definitely some things that we need in order to bear the big yellow guy and keep our cool at the same time. Below, find the first installment of our Summer Staff Essentials series: the things every Greta Constantine staff member cannot live without. First up? Communications and Logisitics (Business) intern Quentin, hailing from France, no less.
What are the summertime items you cannot live without? Please let us know below.

Xx greta c.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

An Open Letter to Kate Middleton

Dear most lovely Duchess of Cambridge,

I am confident this letter finds you well.

We have been eagerly watching your every fashion move since long before you stylishly wed married Prince William, and most recently, when you boarded that plane in Britain, hopped across the pond, and landed in our nation’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario.

Not unsurprisingly, we here at Greta Constantine have been content with your fashion choices. We loved your prim navy blazer, fitted gray number, and tailored to perfection short navy column dress. However, as a style icon whose blue jersey engagement dress sent shockwaves (via ringing cash registers) across the globe, we yearn to see you in more of the beloved (and what has become your signature) fabric.

Princess Catherine, please take some time to read this heartfelt letter. It is certainly inevitable that your fashion quotient would be instantly upped if you chose to wear something from a Greta Constantine collection, past or present. Simply imagining the drapery, the silhouette, the radiant colour, I have goosebumps. If you wore any Greta Constantine, we would most likely shed tears of utter and indescribable joy at how stunning our pieces look on you (if the dress sold out at Holt Renfrew or Harrods, we would not complain either).

Please allow me to elaborate. There is no question that our jersey numbers would look beautiful on you. Let's be honest, even a paper bag would look alluring with your frame and natural glow.

Oh, and our cobalt blue numbers would look to die for on you… The deep blue colour would complement your rich, chestnut locks and twinkling hazelnut eyes. The cherry red gowns would also look marvelous on you, your Majesty (and would be the cherry on top of our fashion filled cake).

We look forward to seeing you in a Greta Constantine ensemble (and if not, we look forward to seeing you continue to shine with your grace in tow while under the spotlight).

Thank you sincerely for your time.


Xx greta c.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Glorious and Free

Canada Day may have been Friday, but that doesn't mean odes to our nation ought to be confined to that single day! Indeed, having the good fortune of being a Canadian fashion label designed, managed, and produced in Toronto, Canada, we at Greta Constantine thought it would be a perfect time to highlight some of our most favourite things about residing in this beautiful land.

Some backstage access - at the Greta Constantine Fall/Winter 2011/2012 show at the Audi dealership in downtown Toronto's East end. Seen is (FORD) supermodel in the making Madison in one of our cozy-chic Fall looks. Look familiar? She starred in our SKIN campaign from just a few weeks ago.

THE COVETEUR. Co-founders Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark are Canadian, and super-talented photographer for the site Jake Rosenberg hails from Toronto, as well. We all know and love the fanciful-fashion-filled web wonder that captures the professionally curated wardrobe and home findings of some seriously stylish folk. Pictured: a Greta Constantine feathered frock aptly named the 'Liz' in the home of FLARE Fashion Director and demi-god, Liz Cabral.

We certainly cannot forget this fabulous natural sweetener. Melt-in-your-mouth flapjacks wouldn't be complete without it: maple syrup! Born and raised in O, Canada.

Happy Canada Day peeps. Be sure to enjoy all that our prime real estate has to offer, and get your fashion on, Canadiana style (which is so much more than flannel and denim-on-denim).

P.S. Want to know how Kirk and Stephen find inspiration for their designs? The celebrity they'd most want to dress? Or who they'd never? Tweet @gretconstantine with your question and #gctellall in prep for this week's webisode!

Xx greta c.