Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Holidays with Kirk and Stephen (and no this is not an ABC special)

Kirk, Stephen, and Fefe Dobson at the S/S 2011 show.

December is a month of many things. Snow. Long line ups at the Eaton Centre. More people leaving Hermes with purchases than without. Poinsettias. HOLIDAYS.

For us at the Greta Constantine studio, holiday is a three-syllable word consumed by work. These include: sample sales, SS 2011 production, FW 2011 ideas, and that's just what we're allowed to tell you (otherwise the list goes on!)

However, I thought this would be the perfect time to have a little peek at what this season means to Kirk and Stephen!

1. This year's Christmas dinner. What will you be having?
K - Turkey, glazed ham, pot roast, cranberries, sweet potato, potato salad, rice and peas, rum punch, egg nog, and Sorrel. The solution to making everyone happy in a big family is always lots of choice.
S – I don’t know. But I’d love her to cook oxtail. My favourite.

2. What was the best gift you've ever received? The worst?
K – The best? Tough to say. It would be my first Christmas in Italy. One of my favourite experiences. The worst? Soaps.
S – My dog Emily. And the worst? Clothes- I never wear them. I find it to be so personal, especially as a designer.

3. Who in your family is the most challenging to get gifts for?
K – Me. They think I have everything.
S – Probably me. That’s why I just tell them not to give me anything!

4. If you could give any gift from Greta Constantine/Ezra Constantine F/W 2010 which would it be?
K – Paolo pants. Love the oversized cargo pockets, the thick wool- very masculine but also very forward thinking.
S – Actually, I’m giving my mom one of the black wool dresses… can’t tell you which one in case she’s looking at the blog!

5. What makes a great holiday party?
K – Alcohol.
S – Fabulous people.

Saturday, December 4, 2010



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Post Show...

The moment one show ends, the designing of next season's collection begins (or for some very on the ball designers, continues). That's not to mention the production of the most recent collection so as to ensure that in only a handful of months what strutted down the runway will be hanging on a rack.

And with that, we're back to sewing, cutting, grading, and selling!

But not before a little nostalgia...

Greta Constantine is sold exclusively in Canada at select Holt Renfrew locations in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. Greta Constantine Atelier is sold exclusively by rac Boutique in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood.

Internationally, Greta Constantine is sold by Harrods in London, England and by En Avance in Miami.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We're making the list and checking it twice!

Greta Constantine’s Spring/Summer 2011 show is tomorrow and today has flown by in a whirlwind of last minute details and visitors. Fefe Dobson, Keshia Chante, Ray Emery and Melissa Grelo are just a few of the guests who stepped in today to get styled for tomorrow’s event. The studio’s cutest visitor though had to be Ruby! – an adorable and very well behaved puppy who patiently awaited her owner Allie MacDonald, star of Score: A Hockey Musical.

While the GC team has been at it non-stop preparing for the big day, it has surprisingly been relatively serene in the studio. However, as the collection beautifully hangs in view, one cannot help but feel the anticipation of seeing it grace the runway...especially when an internationally renowned supermodel will be granting us with her presence!

While the garments await their debut, the footwear is coming to life with accents of rustic charm...

Knotted elegance...coming your way...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ezra Constantine Stands on his Own

August for the most part is a lull in the fashion calendar. It's for that reason we thought it would be the perfect time to unleash Ezra Constantine- to show he can stand on his own two feet without love interest (and not sister!) Greta Constantine parading before him and stealing his thunder.

The evening was set in a gorgeous upper Annex home with a freshly trimmed lawn and lush white pillows set atop wicker lounge chairs. While the presentation didn't feature Greta, given the luxury of the setting, it surely felt that her presence was there. Don't worry- she'll reclaim the spotlight in October....

"Designed for the no-nonsense man who yearns for a contemporary take on his staples, the Ezra Constantine Spring/Summer 2011 collection marks the third showing of the line's signature draped sportswear. Contrasting the masculine edge of the earthy tones and utilitarian oversized cargo pockets with the ease and elegance of drapery, the collection explores the tension between practicality and frivolity, want and need."

Accessories for men? The tattoo.

In Toronto's urban jungle, this is our version of camouflage.

Drapery, though traditionally reserved for womenswear, offers a new interpretation on menswear.

You can't have a spring/summer preview without showing a couple bathing suits!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

G.C. This Week

Sample sale continues. Averaging 10 dresses sold a day means a very glamourous Toronto.

Paul is going to the gym and needs to bulk up. It's no surprise that was his excuse for gobbling a cheese burger and fries at lunch (yes- 'gobble' is the best way to describe it).

Melanie Fiona visits the studio for Luminato launch- looks GORGE. She is going to look diva superhero with a goddess touch.

Kirk, not to be outdone, shows who the real diva is.

Amanda moves into her new casa.

Stephen has his first gray hair- but you can't even see it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Greta Constantine Summer Dress Sale

WHEN: June 3rd – June 30th 2010
(by appointment only, don’t be shy)

WHERE: 25 St. Nicholas St., Suite 301

FOR APPOINTMENT: info@gretaconstantine.com

ITEMS: dresses,
were $595-795, now $180-250

Because the summer is no excuse to look less than your best. Seriously.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What a 9:00 AM shoot feels like

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lady and the... Tramp?

Dawning an eye popping flower printed bowtie, it's the next best alternative to the real Derek.

One evening with Derek Blasberg in a week is brag worthy (even if that is a little sassy). Two days in a week is socialite status. Three days? No need to worry- he and his army of fashionable (and pretty to boot!) young things left this morning on a flight back to New York City.

For our second evening with the culture maven himself, we had the opportunity to meet his friend Lyle (who models in the book as an illustration for ladies to distinguish gays from goths from good boys), and the ever glamourous Byrdie Bell, Classy's covergirl (who also in parts demonstrates that wearing lace up leather chaps is trampy (there's a girl in the suburbs crying right now over her latest purchase)).

The Toronto crowd could not get enough of Blasberg, with crowds gathering around the writer extraordinaire and most recent inductee to the New York Times bestseller list. Amidst the chit chat about whether he sleeps naked, a trampy question, or how he copes with being frequently beset by the press, a classy question (which also happened to be my own), Derek was kind enough to generously sign copies of his book while waiters served buttons boasting 'I've read CLASSY and I'm CLASSY' (though the 'daring' guests opted for a button reading the opposite).

None of the Greta Constantine team picked up this pin...

With Stephen and Amanda each leaving with messages referring to them as 'the classiest girls' in the world (which may now be possible considering that Miss USA is contending with a pole scandal), and Kirk being told to 'stay classy if you can', and Paul notified that he spends most of his time on his knees, there was a perfect combination of class and sass all evening long.

Because let's face it- although being classy requires one to be a lady, it doesn't hurt to have a little pinch of tramp.

Stacey in Stella- elegant, playful, and feminine. Not to mention classy.


Everyone deciding whether to be CLASSY or TRASHY for tonight's event for Derek Blasberg at The Room.

Kirk: received a pair of UGG shoes today. Shelving them till fall, kind of warm outside to wear them now...

Paul: kicked start the day with a fiber boost from Booster Juice. That's his excuse!

Krystal Koo came by the studio to try on an outfit for next weeks party at the King Edward Hotel, 60's theme party!!

Amanda: decided not to have a personal wardrobe since she's surrounded by such amazing clothes in the studio!

Stephen: questions Jesse questions

Jesse: continues to ask questions

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mrs. Rogers and Derek Blasberg show us how to be a lady and not a tramp.

Case: You enter a party of roughly 15 attendees. The invitation says: "business casual". The host is a vegan. You, however are an avid meat eater. When you enter, who do you say hi to first? What do you wear (is leather out of the question even if it's 'in'?) What about the menu?

This is where Derek Blasberg comes in. As a contributor to international fashion and culture publications including Interview, style.com, and Harper's Bazaar, he's attended quite a few events. He's dined with some of the design industry's greatest innovators, celebrities, and critics. So the boy who grew up loving vintage in Missouri has a lot more credentials than you would otherwise imagine.

For the Canadian launch of his book, Suzanne Rogers (in a gingham Christopher Kane number no less!), held a party for the author at the Spoke Club. It was chic, refined, and opulent. And to make the event that much sweeter Derek was such a down to earth, enthusiastic gentleman. The cherry on the cake? Liz Cabral's gorgeous Lanvin's. They were like a little piece of the red carpet at Cannes here at home.

Classy? No doubt about it.

O and, as we learned from Derek, you always greet the host first.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anatomy of a Sunday Photo Shoot

The make up table with the necessary starbucks cup. Imagining if it fell is how most make up artist's nightmare dream sequences begin.

While most we're either out to brunch with family (some hungover, others not), attending church, or enjoying the beautiful weather outside, the Greta Constantine team was preparing for a F/W 2010 website revamping.

With the aid of a top model, even Tyra would agree, a phenomenal photographer (it always helps to have talented friends), and a loyal team (from staff, to make up and hair), the shoot itself took less than 3 hours. Between outfit changes, the examining of Gabor's Elle Italia double issue from 2 years ago, and dropping plexi glass on our set (the clean up was quick and slightly painful), there was always something happening.

No such thing as 'taking a break' in fashion.

The set. Using shards of plexiglass to enhance the frame is otherwise not recommended.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010


Amanda finally finds a new apartment... Big shout out to her gorgeous b/f Paolo in ARENA HOMME + (so proud of him!! also an original EZRA CONSTANTINE man)

Jesse tells us some news, whats a second family for?

Kirk had a hot tempered moment (seemed like hours!!)

Scheduling photo shoots can be stressful but the end result is always TOP!!

Shooting with Gabor Jurina, Melissa Gibson (makeup), Adrian Carew (hair) and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (model, you have to wait and see!!)

The Brazilian Ball

This past weekend The Brazilian Ball took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, benefitting the Toronto East General Hospital. For the evening, between the spectacle of costumes, sparkling body painted outfits, and an Avatar (or two!) it may have been easy to get lost in it all. Cue in CP24's Melissa Grelo, who did the opposite, by holding her own in a Greta Constantine number. Dressed in a red, knotted dress stunner, Melissa simply dazzled. Elegant and refined, yet still bold and fun, Melissa embodied the characteristics of a Greta girl.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

THE STAR MAY 13 2010

'And the designer label that got an A-plus for sheer ubiquity was Greta Constantine. Almost everyone at one table at dinner was dressed in this hotshot local label known for jersey gowns.'
- Derick Chetty


Booked a SUPERMODEL for a shoot.

Paul is back from Jamaica and peeling all over the studio. Pieces of him left on Kirk's desk.

Dresses came back from Nashville. Guess who was trying them on?

Stephen makes a schedule for the design office and strips the floor.

Jesse, Jesse "you're pretty"!

The girls cut dresses after dresses.

Kirk has pea coats, models, makeup & hair all on his mind...

MMVA's are coming to town, June 20th!

We are in THE STAR today, thanks Derick!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


On Thursday May 6th we had the pleasure of being invited to the Science Center for the 4th annual LG Innovator's Ball. The theme was 'Midnight Spell - An Evening of Magic and Enchantment'.
We had a wonderful time! The food, the drinks, the beautiful people!! And it didn't hurt to see an abundance of fabulous ladies wearing Greta Constantine!! We were so proud and excited to see our clothes off the runway and on the bodies of some of Toronto's elite women. Next year Ezra!!
Below are some beauties from the Ball (more pictures to come)!
Ashleigh Dempster & Amanda Blakely
Toufik Sarwa & Yasmin Warsame
Moira Wright
Ciara Hunt

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quote of the Day

Who said:

- "I am fluent in Mandarin."
- "No you're not."
- "I learned when I was in Mandarine... uh I mean Mandarinia."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nelly Furtado Shines at the Billboard Latin Music Awards

Nelly, one of our most loyal supporters, wears Greta Constantine on the red carpet at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. With her bold chartreuse yellow number, she dazzles on the red carpet with her effortless sense of style.

Nelly Furtado wears the Gilda dress.