Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lady and the... Tramp?

Dawning an eye popping flower printed bowtie, it's the next best alternative to the real Derek.

One evening with Derek Blasberg in a week is brag worthy (even if that is a little sassy). Two days in a week is socialite status. Three days? No need to worry- he and his army of fashionable (and pretty to boot!) young things left this morning on a flight back to New York City.

For our second evening with the culture maven himself, we had the opportunity to meet his friend Lyle (who models in the book as an illustration for ladies to distinguish gays from goths from good boys), and the ever glamourous Byrdie Bell, Classy's covergirl (who also in parts demonstrates that wearing lace up leather chaps is trampy (there's a girl in the suburbs crying right now over her latest purchase)).

The Toronto crowd could not get enough of Blasberg, with crowds gathering around the writer extraordinaire and most recent inductee to the New York Times bestseller list. Amidst the chit chat about whether he sleeps naked, a trampy question, or how he copes with being frequently beset by the press, a classy question (which also happened to be my own), Derek was kind enough to generously sign copies of his book while waiters served buttons boasting 'I've read CLASSY and I'm CLASSY' (though the 'daring' guests opted for a button reading the opposite).

None of the Greta Constantine team picked up this pin...

With Stephen and Amanda each leaving with messages referring to them as 'the classiest girls' in the world (which may now be possible considering that Miss USA is contending with a pole scandal), and Kirk being told to 'stay classy if you can', and Paul notified that he spends most of his time on his knees, there was a perfect combination of class and sass all evening long.

Because let's face it- although being classy requires one to be a lady, it doesn't hurt to have a little pinch of tramp.

Stacey in Stella- elegant, playful, and feminine. Not to mention classy.

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