Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anatomy of a Sunday Photo Shoot

The make up table with the necessary starbucks cup. Imagining if it fell is how most make up artist's nightmare dream sequences begin.

While most we're either out to brunch with family (some hungover, others not), attending church, or enjoying the beautiful weather outside, the Greta Constantine team was preparing for a F/W 2010 website revamping.

With the aid of a top model, even Tyra would agree, a phenomenal photographer (it always helps to have talented friends), and a loyal team (from staff, to make up and hair), the shoot itself took less than 3 hours. Between outfit changes, the examining of Gabor's Elle Italia double issue from 2 years ago, and dropping plexi glass on our set (the clean up was quick and slightly painful), there was always something happening.

No such thing as 'taking a break' in fashion.

The set. Using shards of plexiglass to enhance the frame is otherwise not recommended.

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