Saturday, July 2, 2011

An Open Letter to Kate Middleton

Dear most lovely Duchess of Cambridge,

I am confident this letter finds you well.

We have been eagerly watching your every fashion move since long before you stylishly wed married Prince William, and most recently, when you boarded that plane in Britain, hopped across the pond, and landed in our nation’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario.

Not unsurprisingly, we here at Greta Constantine have been content with your fashion choices. We loved your prim navy blazer, fitted gray number, and tailored to perfection short navy column dress. However, as a style icon whose blue jersey engagement dress sent shockwaves (via ringing cash registers) across the globe, we yearn to see you in more of the beloved (and what has become your signature) fabric.

Princess Catherine, please take some time to read this heartfelt letter. It is certainly inevitable that your fashion quotient would be instantly upped if you chose to wear something from a Greta Constantine collection, past or present. Simply imagining the drapery, the silhouette, the radiant colour, I have goosebumps. If you wore any Greta Constantine, we would most likely shed tears of utter and indescribable joy at how stunning our pieces look on you (if the dress sold out at Holt Renfrew or Harrods, we would not complain either).

Please allow me to elaborate. There is no question that our jersey numbers would look beautiful on you. Let's be honest, even a paper bag would look alluring with your frame and natural glow.

Oh, and our cobalt blue numbers would look to die for on you… The deep blue colour would complement your rich, chestnut locks and twinkling hazelnut eyes. The cherry red gowns would also look marvelous on you, your Majesty (and would be the cherry on top of our fashion filled cake).

We look forward to seeing you in a Greta Constantine ensemble (and if not, we look forward to seeing you continue to shine with your grace in tow while under the spotlight).

Thank you sincerely for your time.


Xx greta c.

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