Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jill's Summertime Essentials

This summer has been a toasty one. It feels like you are a loaf of bread baking in a 450 degree oven. Nonetheless, it has been hot. So much so that I have certainly curated a few items that I need to get me through this season with some style. Not included: countless jars of organic lemonade, iced cream cones, and, a large box fan to make this heat survivable.

1. a vibrant umbrella to make those torrential downpours bearable.

2. when you are a digitally based intern, an great computer is a must.

3. Naked Juice's Green Machine Smoothie (available at Starbucks locations is an awesome healthy snack and quick energy booster. Nothing could be better for a mid-afternoon pick me up!

4. A sundress is awesome because you can just throw it on and look instantly pulled together! The above number is sweet, and could not be better for that aforementioned college student budget.

5. Starbucks Chai Lattes - the best form of yawn repelling I have yet to come up with.

6.Keds are a must have pair of shoes for busy fashion interns: comfortable, colourful, and classic. Super for running errands... and if you are a design intern, great for being atop a cutting table!

7. Smart water (which is also a Greta Constantine corporate sponsor) to quench my thirst on these hot-as-an-oven summer days.

8. A cross-body purse to remain hands free. This one is so many different kinds of perfect.

9. French macarons for when I am craving a little sweet treat. These stylishly satisfy my sweet-tooth!

10. Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation is a new staple summer cosmetic essential of mine because: it is breathable (and feels oh-so luxe!) face makeup that will actually not melt off your face before you have arrived at work.

What are some things you cannot live without in this hot, hot summer heat?
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Xx greta c.

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