Wednesday, August 31, 2011

falling into colours & layers

It’s that time of the year where fall is just around the corner. Transitioning your wardrobe can be a tricky one, so here are some ways that can help you be prepared for the pre-fall season!


It may still be warm during the day, but the nights are getting a lot more breezy. So, adding layers to your outfit is a great way to modify your look. Keep your summer pieces and incorpoate it to fall.

Put on your skirt, wear a cute button-down shirt, and throw on a chic sweater!

Here’s one of our dresses from the Primer collection.
The POSEY dress is a great example for a summer to fall transition outfit. Make it your own, by adding your own cardigan or jacket, and style the scarf any way that suits you!


We love mixing prominent colours into our wardrobe. Savor the summer with bright/bold colours and balance it out with greys, blacks, or neutrals.

Even check out our fall/winter 2011 collection!
Whether the color is the garment itself or just a touch, have fun with wearing colour!

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