Friday, February 11, 2011

The 40th Annual Juno Awards

Juno week is fast approaching with our fair city Toronto as it host. This year Canada's Music Awards are celebrating their 40th anniversary from March 21st to 27th, which means lots of red carpets and opportunities to dress Canadian celebs! Here are 5 artists that have put Canada on the map and who we'd love to dress...

Drake - His music is contageous and so is his urban style. He would definitely look good in our take on hoodies and jeans.

Justin Bieber - Even though he's only 16 he's a music and style icon for teens all over the world.

Nelly Furtado - She's gorgeous and she's not afraid to take risks.

Fefe Dobson - She's the rocker girl next door who we'd love to dress like a vamp!

Crystal Castles - They're the cool kids who know how to do street style right.

Keshia Chante - She exudes confidence and would rock anything we dressed her in.
Any other suggestion? Let us know @gretconstantine on twitter!


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