Thursday, October 27, 2011

behind those bright red lights

Fashion shows are hectic. Like crazy hectic. Ours would not have been possible if it were for the best crew in the whole wide world (sound people, lighting people, DJ, makeup artists, hair stylists, volunteers, and, many, many, MORE.) Thank you, friends!

Giddy up! There is no time like show time!

Quick! Quick! Time is running out, till the first model out!

Fancy chandeliers hung like little angels from the ceiling at the beautiful historic King Street West location of the show.

The ever stylish Jen. Her tights looked like tattooed appliques, but upon further inspection, were tights. So pretty! Also. Is blogger the next Tommy Ton? That one is still up for debate.

Getting corded.

This shelf can teach us three valuable lessons about how to handle fashion shows: be in a zen state. Work fast, and STAY HYDRATED. Especially when show venue is as steamy as the first of July.

This is what I call pro merchandising, Greta-philes.

Need some interior inspiration for your little noggin? Hence the creation of the world's most chic bookshelf:

First step? Custom made smartwater book covers, of course!

Next step: add some smarty pants reads.

One flashy Granny tops the whole thing off. Your future (in interiors) is looking bright!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes coverage from our Spring/Summer 2012 runway show!

Xx greta c.

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