Wednesday, February 8, 2012

fashion food chain: how Greta Constantine attacks their prey!

Have you ever seen an animal ready to attack their prey? That devotion, concentration, and desire that lingers strong in their pupils; that is the exact look our very own Greta Constantine’s Kirk and Stephen possess.

Having the ability to use their eyes to their fullest capacity and spending time thinking an idea through helps them to create the best outcomes. When it comes down to drawing your ideas onto paper; things can get a little tricky. However, when Kirk and Stephen sketch out their designs, there is no hesitation. They create their lines using steady and thorough techniques. All the images drawn are created with love, energy and empowerment. When sitting along side our Greta Constantine designers you can not only feel the concentration and passion flowing within them, but you can also see the hunger in their eyes; The need to deliver, the desire to inspire, and the urge to fill the hunger burning within fashion’s “stomach”.

To be successful you have to always be on your toes, ready at all times for what may or may not be thrown in your way. If you are not, you will quickly crumble to those on defense; ready to take out their prey. So ladies and gentleman: FIGHT to find your inner desires. Never give up. Once you hone in on the “animal” within yourselves will you be fully prepared for success.

Xx greta c.

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