Thursday, May 31, 2012

Total Cleanse: By The Numbers

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We (Kirk, Stephen, and Jesse) recently put ourselves through the gruelling juice immune cleanse, Total Cleanse. As well as giving our insides a nice little bath (and making us squeaky clean), the cleanse offered a chance for us to get our glowy summer complexion started. Get a load of these numbers:

1200 - calories consumed per day.

too many - the number of times we saw food displayed on television commercials, billboards, magazines, and other advertisements. 

48 - the total number of juices from Total Cleanse that were consumed.

32 - total glasses of h2o that we drank. 

21 - number of almonds kirk consumed

3 - total days we were forced to endure not eating. a thing.

All in all, the juice fast (or cleanse) was a good experience that made us feel super rejuvenated. Would we do it again? Without a doubt!

xx greta c.

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